Tips to Build Credit: Pay on Time

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At AutoCenters St. Charles, we know a thing or two about credit when it comes to getting an auto loan. And if you have bad credit--or no credit--in the St. Louis area, you may be thinking that there aren't good options for you.

The good news is that that's just not true. Our financing programs have helped drivers with no credit and bad credit get the loans they need. The better news? We're starting a series right here on our blog to detail some of the safest, fastest, and easiest ways to improve your credit score.

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How a Used Truck Could Help You Do More with Your Money

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How could a used truck from AutoCenters St. Charles be an even better value for you--beyond the initial savings?


Because when you get the Chevy, Ford, Ram, or Dodge truck that you want--and save a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on it--you can take all of the money that you didn't spend and reinvest it back into your new-to-you vehicle.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Bad Credit Score Safely

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Do a simple search online around St. Louis, O'Fallon, or St. Charles County for "how to fix bad credit" and you'll be quickly bombarded with "easy" ways to build bad credit fast--or, to establish credit if you have no current history.

This seems like a great idea, at first.

But the team at AutoCenters St. Charles is here to tell you that these schemes can all too often hurt hardworking, honest folks who are just looking for a way to get affordable prices and low financing rates on their next vehicle.

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The Chevy Silverado is the Best Buy in Used Trucks Near St. Louis

St. Louis drivers know the value of a used pickup truck: strong and sturdy, capable and fun, versatile and ready to go to work. But if you don't have the cash to shell out for a new truck--which these days can often go for $40K-$50K--you're likely to find a more budget-appropriate option on a used car lot somewhere.

At AutoCenters St. Charles, we know trucks.

And we stock only the best used…

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3 Reasons to Buy a Used Chevy Equinox SUV Near St. Louis

Is a sedan too little? A truck too much? Then you might be on the hunt in St. Charles for an affordable used SUV.

The crossover sport utility vehicle is more versatile now than it's ever been, and the Chevrolet Equinox is a constant favorite in the St. Louis area. Drivers from all walks of life, with all kinds of demands for their daily driver, can find a happy match in a pre-owned Equinox--and…

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St. Louis-Area Drivers Can Save More on a Used Ford F-150 Truck

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Autotrader--one of the most trusted names in the used-car game--once posted a list of the "best used pickup trucks under $15,000", and nobody was surprised to see a the Ford F-150 solidly in the ranking.

The Ford F-Series has been America's best-selling truck for 40 years, and the full-size light-duty F-150 has been leading the pack for nearly as long.

It's seen as the most-reliable, most-capable, and strongest used truck you can buy, and AutoCenter St. Charles has the used Ford F-150 that you want, at a price that you'll love.

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July Monthly Used Car Specials Help You Declare Your Independence!

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You might remember that feeling when you first got your driver's license and could take your parent's, friend's, or--by some stroke of good fortune--your car out for a solo drive. It felt like total freedom, and complete independence.

We believe that all St. Louis drivers deserve to feel that kind of independence, and this July, we're putting our cars where our mouths are.

We're listing exciting used car specials on top models from top brands, at prices that you can't pass up if you're ready to upgrade to a nicer, newer, more fun…

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Should You Finance a Used Car Even if You Could Buy in Cash?

There are dozens of finance-tip blogs on the internet that tell you that you should never, ever finance a vehicle--instead, you should scrimp and save until you can pay for it in cash, and then start saving up all over again to replace it in a few years. Assuming, of course, that the vehicle you could afford will make it that long without needed repairs or extensive maintenance.

If you've saved up $10,000…

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“Long Live Honor” – Ram’s Emotional Salute to Veterans

Ram trucks have a reputation for being sturdy, strong, durable, and resilient to all of the elements you can throw at it. With a Ram truck, you can be confident on the road, and comfortable behind the wheel.

These attributes are also true for our veterans – strong, durable, tough, and resilient.

This is emotionally captured in this advertisement, which shows two people putting together an airplane, and watching it fly off into the sunset, while Bob Dylan’s immortal song, “Forever Young” plays over their actions.

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Take a Walk Around the 2017 Ford Focus SEL

Here in St. Charles, we are proud of our extensive selection of used vehicles. We find that they are the perfect driving options for customers in need of affordable vehicles that offer reliability, safety, and comfort.

One of the vehicles we see on our lot from time to time is the Ford Focus. It is extremely popular, thanks to its efficiency, sleek style, and aerodynamic stature.

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