Best Used Cars for Lyft and Uber Drivers

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If you live near St. Louis--or if you head into the city for a night on the town on weekends--there's a chance that you've called an Uber or Lyft, or at least shared one with a friend. These people-powered taxi alternatives have grown significantly in STL and St. Charles over the past few years (they were actually banned when Uber first begun) and show no sign of slowing down.

A lot of local drivers have signed up to drive for these apps. It's an easy way to make some fast cash on the side, on your own…

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How You Can Build Credit in College

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We know that you have enough to think about as you head back for a new semester--but building your credit could be easier than you think in college.

And it has long-term benefits that will be well worth your effort.

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Best Cars for Students: Go Back to School in Style

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If you'll be heading back to campus soon, at Jefferson College, SLU, Maryville University, UMSL, SCC, or Lindenwood University, and you're just planning to get around the same way a lot of college kids do--borrowing friends' cars, bumming rides, taking Ubers, riding busses--maybe it's time to consider something different.

It's surprisingly easy for first-time buyers to get an affordable, fun, and convenient pre-owned vehicle for the college life, and we're excited to help.

Owning your own car in college has benefits beyond just the freedom to travel, and it can open a lot of doors…

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Talk the Talk: Brush Up on Auto Finance Terms

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You've walked the walk--done your research into car brands, different body styles and types, compared models and features, and you're ready to take the next step.

But, if you're a student, a first-time buyer, or you've got no credit or bad credit, you'll want to talk the talk; be able to communicate clearly and effectively with whoever you choose to finance with. Whether that's a bank or credit union, or your local used-car dealer near St. Louis, you need to be able to understand the common terms of auto financing before you go in…

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St. Louis Used Cars for Under $10,000


At AutoCenters St. Charles, we specialize in helping people get what they need, with a vehicle and a financing plan that they can really feel good about.

So, for those drivers in the greater St Louis who are shopping for a used car under $10,000, we're doubling down this summer to find the best pre-owned vehicles at the best prices.


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How Does Kelley Blue Book® Determine Value for Used Cars?

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You want to get out of your current car, truck, or SUV, and into something a little nicer, newer, bigger, or flashier--whether you choose to trade it in or sell it locally to a private party, you'll want to know what it's worth to make sure that you (and your buyer) are getting a fair deal.

There are a variety of used car value appraisal websites out there, but one continues to stand out: Kelley Blue Book®.

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Can Opening a Credit Card Increase Your Credit Score?

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You may think that the answer to this one is easy--especially if you're in the no credit is good credit camp--and say: "Heck no!"

But, depending on a variety of factors, you may be wrong.

While it's true that opening any type of new credit account could lower your score (especially if you have no credit or have very poor credit), there are some benefits to credit cards that could cause more good than harm in the long run.

And good credit is all about the long run.

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What are the Most Reliable Trucks?

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You know that a used truck gets you a lot for the money--but only if you choose the right one.

There are the big things to look for to know that you're getting your money's worth--like an absence of rust spots and a tidy undercarriage--but you can even just start by limiting your search to some brands who are known for being reliable and durable.

US News & World Report did some of the work for us, and we're taking a look at three of the top most-reliable trucks on their list:

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Refinance, or Trade In? What to Do with Your Car

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Are your current car payments too high? Did you get stuck with too-high rates when you first bought the car? Or, has your credit improved significantly since you first secured a loan, and you think you deserve better?

There are a few options for you.

You could refinance your car loan through an approved lender--essentially, take out a new loan to cover the old loan.

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This Credit Tip is the Big One

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What is possibly the most important tip for keeping a lock on your credit score and credit health?

It's no big secret--in fact, you won't be very surprised at all by how simple this one credit tip really is:

If you have bills, pay your monthly cost on time, every month, until that bill or loan is over with.

It really is that simple, but this one simple thing is going to be the absolute most important thing for fixing bad credit, or for establishing a strong history if you have no credit at all.


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