"I will recommend anyone to come and see Mr. Patrick Timmerman! Mr. Patrick was so kind, and helpful to me and my Mother. He worked hard to get us a car, and this man worked with us.. God bless Mr. Patrick and AutoCenters." - Marguerite F. 1/7/16
"My sales representative was amazing!!! He did everything he could to get me in my new 2015 Hyundai Sonata SE, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I wouldn't of rather had anyone else. I am very pleased. Thank you Patrick and AutoCenters for my new car." - Tyrone R. 1/9/16
"Patrick was my salesman and he took care of me very well. The service here is excellent, very friendly. Everyone here is very nice! He got me in a vehicle that I was satisfied with." - Ashley H. 1/11/16
"Yes! Tim is very helpful and has a great personality. This is the second car I purchased from him, so that gives on indications of how great he is. Thank you!" - Adriane S. 1/13/16
"I walked in not knowing if I could buy anything,. My salesman, Patrick Timmerman hooked me up with a beautiful Camry SE. I couldn't be more happy! I highly recommend them to anyone who has credit problems, or even perfect credit." - Vincent V. 1/26/16
"Quality vehicles, outstanding salesmanship, great trade-in value." - David C 1/29/16
"Patrick is the man. I came in wanting a standard vehicle to get from point A-B. He ended up getting me in a newer car with low miles, and an unbeatable down payment. He is cool as a fan. We will always go through Patrick for our vehicles in the future. He's the man! Thank you Pat!" - -Latrice C. 2/10/16
"Jeremy was very helpful. Even though I couldn't get the exact vehicle I wanted, he helped out into a good low mileage credit builder at a good price/payment. This by far has been the best dealer experience I've had to date." - Allen R. 2/16/16
"JR was a great, polite salesman. Worked hard to find me the perfect car in one day, financing was a breeze. AutoCenters made my buying experience over all a great one! Thanks guys!!" - Heidi L. 2/22/16
"My overall experience with AutoCenters was outstanding. Patrick is very professional, knowledgeable of all the vehicles, and has a great personality and character. Thank you also to the owner, for helping finance us on a 6 year (72 month) term. The facility and lot is extremely clean, and full of friendly representatives! AutoCenters would like for all of their customers to repeat their business with their service, and this is why they go far and beyond to help all customers. Thank you Patrick for being upfront and no hidden fees!" - Becky R. 2/27/16
"Jeremy was very helpful to get me out of a car I was unhappy in, and into one I love." - Joshua H. 2/29/15
"Jeremy was AWESOME! He went above and beyond to work with me, and I received a nice car... Very satisfied!" - Gabrielle S. 3/2/16 
"Had the truck I wanted at a price and payment I was comfortable with. Service was friendly and quick. Would recommend to a friend." - Daren W. 4/2/16
"He was awesome! Jeremy got me a car. With his help I know I will be able to rebuild my credit!" - Jamie F. 4/6/16
"Jeremy was great with helping me find the car that fit my family size, but most importantly he didn't quit until he found one. At the end I was happy with the whole service Jeremy did. Thanks Jeremy, you're the best!" - Kimberly M. 4/11/16
"I came in today with an impossible task and Jeremy made it possible! I did not expect to get a car at all, and drive off the lot in the same day in a beautiful 2 year old car. The sales process was seamless, and it only took about an hour. Jeremy was so attentive to my needs, and the most professional salesmen I have ever worked with. He is so knowledgeable about the cars he is selling. He also has extensive knowledge of the financing process - which really put me at ease. I am so happy with my entire experience. Jeremy Rocks!" - Rachael D. 5/18/16
"After completing my online application my particular salesman was very diligent in helping to procure a vehicle. The entire staff was polite and helpful. I would recommend other customers to try them." - Antwan W. 1/26/17  
"Extremely helpful with the whole process. Will recommend to friends for sure." - Jessica B. 1/27/17
"Awesome, great customer service. No sales pressure. Went over and beyond to make sure customer satisfaction." - Kesha G. 1/28/16
"Jeremy is very professional and I would refer anyone to him." - Dexter H 1/28/17
"Jeremy was wonderful to work with. Thank you for the excellent experience." - Mike R. 2/1/17
"I appreciate the service. I am 100% happy with the car TY!!" - Jeremy  E. 2/2/17
"I believe Patrick did his best to go above and beyond. By just doing the smallest things while my wife was messing with car seat. He volunteered to watch my kids since it was cold out. It's the little things that make people's day. He was also very helpful and knowledgeable about inventory which helped cater to our needs as well." Jed J. 2/3/17
"Yes I had a great visit. Though I was going home without a car, but the salesman pulled a few tricks for me. Having patience really matter because I was about to give up and go home. Thank you Jeremy." - Valarie H. 2/3/17
"Yes, there was exceptional service from the time I walked in to the time I signed the paperwork!!! I did not think that I would be able to drive away with a vehicle, but I got one! I am very pleased!" - Aunya M. 2/4/17
"Above and beyond my expectations. Jeremy did everything to make sure I got a good deal and stayed in my budget. I love my car. It's a dream come true. Thank!" - Alyssia W. 3/16/17
"Jeremy Borchert is awesome. If you're looking for a car go to AutoCenters St. Charles, ask for Jeremy." - Mary E. 3/17/17